Flex this week?

Standard scoring with 8-2 record in a 3 way tie for first place, second in points scored. Need to chose a flex play out of the following RBs/WRs - Mixon, Cook, Cohen or MVS, Miller who is the play here? I’ve got Green and the Jags as well for reference.

Currently starting:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Jones
WRs - OBJ, Allen
TE - Ertz
Flex - ??
K - Boswell

Bumping up

MVS is tempting with Cobb out, but Id have to say lean to the safe side and go Mixon. The rest of your roster already gives you a stable floor.

Although, the stable floor does also afford you to go for the high risk if you so chose to take it.

Thanks man, Mixon would usually be in no questions but vs the Ravens with no AJ Green to help out I’m worried. Was almost thinking Cohen or Cook in a game that neither team should run away with so should get some solid passing work, maybe more Cohen?

MVS is tempting but with Jones in and the way that Seattle D can play I don’t want to risk two Thursday night players unless they are rock solid guys. My opponent is playing Jimmy Graham and Carson so I’ll have have a good read on the matchup going into the weekend