Flex-Tim Patrick or Jakobi Meyers?

Patrick has the better matchup but Meyers seems to have the larger role in his respective offensive. Thoughts?

Edit: Full PPR

IMO… Patrick’s role going forward is mostly speculation… without a TD in week 1, he only comes away with ~7 full PPR points. Meyers doesnt need TDs to be productive (which is good because he doesnt get them). I’d personally lean Meyers for the safety/floor, but if you’re swinging for the fences and desperate then I’d lean patrick. Just know that there is more “bust potential” with him.


I agree - I’d take the floor of Meyers here.

Patrick had a good long stretch last year where he was a top 20 guy after Sutton got hurt last year.

I like Jakobi in full PPR on the usage front. He’s got a safe floor I think and Patrick doesn’t have too much upside but probably slightly higher chance at a td.