Flex trade for te/qb

I am in a ten team full PPR league. I currently need some help at TE or QB since I am not very confident in Kyle Rudolph anymore and nobody really knows when Andrew Luck will come back. I have a lot of flexibility in my flex spot and would like to move some pieces to bolster my starting line-up.
At WR I have the following:
Cooks, Evans, Dez, and Lee.
At RB I have:
Hunt, McCoy, Gurley, and Kelley.

Who should I move or package in this situation to upgrade at TE or QB for the remainder of the year? It sucks having to choose between Cooks, Evans, and Dez every week.

The TE position is such a crap shoot this year. Rudolph still isnt a bad TE. The only TEs that are consistent have been Ertz and Gronk and you would have to give up too much to acquire one of those guys. See if Clay, Engram or Cook are on Waivers, maybe Watson too, but again I still like Rudolph. Bradford will be back eventually and you saw what he did week 1.

As far as QBs go, its pretty easy to stream matchups weekly. Its not the best case, but can be done. I love your RB situation but if you wanted to get crazy, I’d offer McCoy, Rudolph and whoever your best QB is and see if you can upgrade both QB and TE. Either way, your team looks solid. I only say McCoy bc of the workload is going to break him down and the team isn’t that best. Hunt and Gurley are looking great even with Gurley tough schedule ahead I love him going forward.

Great input, think the past two weeks helped me forget what Rudolph does with Bradford which is encouraging. All the good TE’s are already picked up in my league, and I have Rivers and Tyrod on my roster currently. McCoy’s situation does scare me especially with him being 29, if I could move anyone it would probably be him, just don’t know that he is worth Gronk… thoughts on a McCoy for Gronk trade. What else could I, “shoot high,” for in trying to get something else with Gronk? Mid-tier RB?

If I personally owned Gronk I may do it straight up and give up a flex RB like a Buck Allen or Gore type, but if you have someone that really like McCoy I’d start high on the trade offers and let the owner give you feedback. Start the trade offer in your favor and if he accepts, aweseom. If not let him counter. Get some conversations going and you may be surprised what you get