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Flex trouble


Standard scoring; Should I flex Sanders, Sanu, or CJ anderson?


Sanders… I traded for Anderson at the beginning of the year and he has been nothing but a disappointment and I wouldnt trust him. Sanu could be interesting but it seems like Osweiler has a solid trust with Sanders


Sanders for me as well-


Thanks,I wasnt sure with Sherman and Kam out if it gave Sanu a bigger upside. So i figured id ask.


So Kam Chance is out?


Yeah neck injury.


Wow-glad I dropped there defense for D Freeman this week-got jags ROY


Dang. Making some good moves my dude. My leagues FA is thin as could be.


Some of there moves are ridiculous-He had 2 tight ends one being Doyle and drops Freeman-no clue what he was thinking as I’m always thinking 2 weeks ahead every week-