FLEX: Tyler Lockett, Marlon Mack, or Damien Williams

12 Team, .5 PPR

I have having a hard time deciding who to put in my flex. I need high upside, I am playing a team that scored 190 points last week.

Highest upside is probably Lockett. He may only catch 3 passes, but 2 of them could be TD’s as has happened a time or two this year. He could also go the distance on a kick/punt return.

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Thanks! I am definitely leaning towards Lockett. I will be sad if Williams goes off tonight but I think Lockett is the safer bet.

I know what you mean, I need to decide soon whether to start Williams or Gus in a full PPR…

Williams is projected like he’s going to be the main guy, but do we really know for sure that he is? Andy Reid talked about using a 3-back committee BEFORE Ware went down, and I don’t see Damian Williams being head over heels better than Charcandrick West or the other Williams… I think there’s a chance that all 3 get some work, the question no one knows is who gets the more valuable touches? Who works in the screen pass game? Who gets the goal line work?

It’s a tough spot…

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I have Kerryon on my bench. I thought that I was going to be so set before he went down. I would love a miracle return from him.

Gus and Williams is such a hard choice. You have Dixon muddying the waters at Baltimore, and West and the other Williams at KC. I would still feel better about Williams since Gus is kind of injured and does not catch passes. I honestly think Dixon could be a sneaky play.

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