FLEX - Worst of Worst Options

16-Team full-PPR getting wrecked by mid-week injuries. Need some ehlp

Lineup currently includes:
QB: Tannehill
WR: K. Allen (start 1)
RB: K. Drake (start 1)
TE: Waller
FLEX: D. Montgomery & ___________ (start 2)
BN: E. Sanders, D. Sample, C. Beasley, Julio, Mostert, Crowder

Waiver Options: Dion Lewis, Berrios, G. Tate, C. Claypool, Fitzgerald

Is Julio definitely out. If not roll with him. Tate or Lewis would be the next best for full PPR or possibly Sample with 9 targets last week.

I’m expecting Julio to be out. He hasn’t practice and just ruled game-time decision.

Also expecting Waller to practice but if not Sample going to dropped into TE spot.

I dont think Julio has been ruled out yet, but I would not count on him this week. Team management has said his injury is worse than expected.

Lewis could be a decent flex play. I believe he will see more work this week than Freeman. Tate is probably the “best” of them to flex due to being reliable for Jones.

Is Russell Gage on waivers. I’m in a 12 team and he is. With no Julio that’d be a huge play if you can get him.

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He was scooped up in Week 1. Go about 1 page down in your waivers and that’s who’s available in a 16-team.

Dion Lewis was just dropped so I’m throwing FAB at him Sunday morning.