FLEX WR HALP! ~ K. Benjamin, J. Brown, W. Fuller V

Starting WR are D. Hopkins & D. Amendola.

Who should my FLEX WR be?!?

K. Benjamin - Dallas passing D not terrible and Cam is extremely suspect.

Jaron Brown - Philly passing D isn’t very strong and I feel like Jaron could have a big game.

W. Fuller V - KC secondary has allowed a lot of passing yards to receivers and Watson and Fuller have “behind the scenes” love. (Watson apparently stayed after hours with Fuller to throw routes for him during rehab)


I would go with J. Brown since you are already starting D. Hop from the same team. Fuller could work, I like Fuller a lot! And have him in my Flex this weekend. He gets more separation than D-Hop does. I won’t touch Cam and K. Ben in Detroit.


Awesome!! Thanks! I got burned by JJ Nelson a couple of weeks ago so Jaron makes me nervous but logic seems like the best move. Thanks for the input!!

Two words…Tyrell Williams…lol…if you saw what he did to that eagles secondary it should make you very comfortable with Jaron lol…especially with Cox out another week giving Palmer a bit more time back there…I think Jaron has a big game


Quick sneaky action!!! I just saw someone dropped Davante Adams to the waivers. I’m grabbing him. Brown or Adams?

Assuming he can play, I feel Adams is a safer bet but I need the highest points from my Flex because Brady did put up his 20 projected


if its standard league id play benjamin - but he could be ruled out
Im guessing its PPR because you played amendola as WR2

Id probably still play benjamin - at flex - i always prefer team WR1’s over WR2’s
If KB is out - id lean brown - Arizona has no running game - have to pass it

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Adams would be a good pickup for ROS but it’s doubtful that he plays in tomorrow’s game

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@sidney_kennard I just found a sneaky grab of Davante Adams on the waiver. If Adam clears concussion protocol, would you start him over Jaron? Adams is up against the Dallas secondary

Definitely pick up Adams even if you stash him… I’d still play brown this week because of the targets he’s been getting and ARZ is gonna throw the ball a ton.

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@EricGreen32 I grabbed Adams and just got a notification he’s cleared but I’m going with what you suggest after just finishing a bit of research. Jaron will be my flex. Going for the points baby :call_me_hand:t4:
Thanks for the input brother

You got it brotha, good luck

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Yes, I would.

Just the forum I was looking for! I was in need of some reassurance. Thanks guys!

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