Flex WR Starter

Half PPR, my starters are CeeDee and Lockett, in the bench looking for a start as my flex are:
Antonio B
Mike Williams
Tee Higgins.

Who would you start?

  • I have TB12 as my QB.

I would go brown. TB and brown looked great last week! Good luck!

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I personally like Williams match up better vs AB’s match up, but not by much. if you have TB12, you get the stack with AB, so that’s a plus, but there is only one ball to go around and if TB gets up early, I don’t see them keeping starters in later in the game.

I think Higgins has the best match up out of the three, so personally I would go with him.

At the end of the day, do you want to take the chance on the higher ceiling, which in my opinion is AB and the stack with TB12, or do you want to take the best match up, which I think is Higgins.