Flex & WR2 Week 11 (Full PPR)

Hey Footclan,

Looking for advice on who to play this week. with Julio the Monday night game, I put him in flex. But I’m thinking thats dumb cuz I know I’m going to play him…

Here’s my current lineup.

QB Kirk Cousins Sun 1:00
RB Alvin Kamara Sun 1:00
RB Chris Thompson Sun 1:00
WR Michael Crabtree Sun 4:25
WR Sterling Shepard Sun 1:00
TE Zach Ertz Sun 8:30
FL Julio Jones Mon 8:30

And the two on my bench I’m considering:
BE Jay Ajayi Sun 8:30
BE Larry Fitzgerald Sun 1:00

Do I move Julio to WR1 and consider this a flex option between Ajayi, Shepard, & Fitz? I really think it’s between Shep and Ajayi. Or do I just leave it as it is?