Flexing help!

1/2 PPR with points per 1st down, rush attempts, and long plays for a Flex:

Miles Sanders @ Green Bay
Hollywood hosting the Browns
Hyde hosting the Panthers
Darrell Williams @ Detroit

Hmm pretty unique scoring system. If the Chiefs backfield is still banged up by Sunday I’d play Darrel Williams. If Damien is good to go, Hollywood Brown is my choice.

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The scoring makes things a little crazy; I have Jackson as QB and the QB’s get points for passing 1st downs, completions, long pass plays, and all the benefits RB’s enjoy as well. He’s averaging 49 points per game lol.

No love for Miles Sanders, or just a bad road matchup?

I own two shares of Sanders and I’m pretty disappointed. Thursday night vs. that Packer D doesn’t seem like a successful outing for Sanders, and you may regret it if Darrel Williams gets the start Sunday.

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Thank you, sir! Best of luck to you!

One last question: would Justin Jackson be worth playing over any of the above mentioned guys?

Bumping this back up.

So the Scary Terry news is not good. A minor hamstring injury to a speedster is like a car with 4 flat tires…

Hollywood is now locked in at WR, and will monitor McLaurin’s status in the next couple days.

Shady is practicing in full… Not good for Darrel Williams…

Flex Sanders tonight, or holdout for Darrel Williams or McLaurin for Sunday? If I wait until Sunday I could be screwed with Williams and McLaurin both being unproductive!

Bump as kickoff is closing in…

I’d go with Darrel Williams.

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Thanks man. This sucks dealing with frigging Thursday games! I feel like I always pick wrong… Justin Jackson is also on WW for a spot start