Flexy-Mc-Flexerson Juju or Lewis?

Should I flex Juju Smith-Shuster OR Dion Lewis in a PPR?

I’d juju it. But it’s tough. Just don’t know what belicheck will ever do.

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I’d go Lewis, he is going to get a lot of work and a lot of Pats RB work is receptions.

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Couldn’t you imagine that work would go to White or Gili?

I agree with @ChiNola. As of now I’m planning to start Lewis over Collins in my lineup and liked his situation when I heard Burkhead was out, but now I worry about Gillislee taking over that role and leaving Lewis with his typical good game, but no TD. Juju’s in a great situation and I would expect him to step up big.

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I have sworn off Pats RBs at least a couple of times, but keep going back to them. I have Lewis and think he’s the most talented RB they have, but the Pats have strictly defined roles, it seems, and Lewis’s role limits him. He’s not the primary pass-catching back (though at least they do throw to him some as opposed to how they used Gilli early on) and he’s not the goal line back. Whatever he gets it’s usually because he’s a great running back and he’s not helped much by short TDs or a ton of targets.

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The Pats offense could literally do anything with a single player. JuJu has such a huge upside. I picked him up and starting him over the Detroit receiving core.

@brandon_huggins Okay, I’m tied going into the week (assuming this game ends now). They have only Brady, M Bryant, Gordon and Seals left. I have my full roster. So, I think I play for best floor. My guess is that’s Lewis?

Safest floor would make sense. But if he’s playing Bryant JuJu still may have the highest floor. But I started Collins this week and felt safe and he got me half the points I expected. So I’m not sure what I actually know anymore lol :man_shrugging:

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Exactly. I had Thielen, Rudolph and McKinnon tonight. Was supposed to get me 37 pts combined. Got a big fat “10” pts from all of them!!! Not looking good. My opponent has T Y Hilton…was supposed to get 11 pts from him…got 16. My son had Alex Collins…was projected to get 14…got 9!!! SMH

Min focused on Murray…Thielen, Rudolph and McKinnon were almost invisible. That’s the problem with FFB in week 16. Most teams are protecting their studs at this point in the game…ESPECIALLY if they have the remotest chance of sniffing the Play Offs. And I can’t blame them. BUT…dadgummit…it sure screws us in FFB who are hoping for those last possible points to get us through!!! Oh well…we knew that coming in!!! LOL

I think it was more a product of how cold it was yesterday at Lambo. They got up early and decided to let Murray ground and pound it out. And deep balls were just sailing past the pass catchers that couldn’t pick up their normal speed to catch it… good note for next year. No WRs in sub 10 degree games