Flier Target Help Interesting Conversation

Hey all -

I have Abdullah on my bench and will never use him. He has no value to me. PPR scoring who would you take a flier on? There are a lot of good options so I don’t know if I go for new back, handcuff, or rookie takeover.

On the waivers there are:
Kenyan Drake
Damien Williams
Marlon Mack
Matt Breida (I have Hyde)

I am leaning towards Drake or Mack. It is also an interesting thought that since 49ers picked up Garoppolo maybe they start going with the younger RB in Breida to see what the future is.

What are you guys thoughts?

I just don’t trust that dolphins offensive line at all at all plus it’s a timeshare…I personally think the most interesting flier out of the group is Mack…he’s getting run and has flashed talent for sure…I know that offense isn’t great either but I think that plays to Mack’s strengths since he can catch the ball too…Breida is interesting too but since they didn’t trade Hyde I think they run Hyde into the ground since they know he isn’t back next year…Breida may get some run but I think Mack has the better path to success…

I pretty much agree with you on this. It is a tough toss up between them all. My only concerns are Indy and the niners not being in the race for playoffs anymore so does that normally hurt an RB or help?

Just saw you have Hyde too so that does make Breida a little more interesting since he’d be a handcuff as well…but I still lean Mack a bit between the two

I don’t think being out of the playoff hunt really negatively impacts them or helps much…they may want to see what else they have but they aren’t going to change the game plan dramatically mid season

I agree with Mack having the most upside. I do not think anyone will take Brieda since I have Hyde unless he gets hurt or just has a blowout of a game. I think I am going to go with Mack.

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