Flipping AB

So theres someone in my league that has offered me 4 separate offers for AB

Im thinking before this AB things possibly blows up on flipping him for some positions of need and depth

If he is willing to accept it would AB for Kittle and a flex option player worth it ?
P.S. i have Julio Jones and TY hilton and John brown as well so deep at WR

I don’t mind you selling AB to avoid risk, but it would still need to be a good amount you receive. Kittle and a flex would depend on who the flex is.

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Possibly Larry Fitzgerald or Kareem Hunt and stashing him. Im one of the Hunter Henry owners so basically going week to week at that position atm.

Hunt I wouldn’t care for. Larry is dominating so far, but I still think I roll with the upside of Brown as opposed to Kittle and Larry. Depends on how much risk tolerance you / your team can take though.

Again i have Julio Jones and TY Hilton and AB are my 3 receivers and we have 3 receiver slots so i dont really need AB but its nice to have as overkill lol.

With 3 WR slots you can start him every week though, unless he gets in trouble. Any other TEs out there on waivers?