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FML... well, kind of?


So I played both A.S.J and Robby Anderson tonight and, well, was i stupid for playing both? They took A.S.J off the field after halftime, or at least i didnt see him play much after that. As of now (4:00 in 4th qtr) he has 4 points for me (2 receptions and 20 yards) of corse im happy with Anderson with 4 for 48 and a TD… but I need to know… was I stupid for playin them both? I had no other TE option since Gronk is on bye.


I played the exact same line up and shady as well so thats how my weeks is going but im happy with Anderson’s production


Damn… well I’m glad someone is in the same boat as I am… I guess it’s good and bad? Hahaha I wish good luck to you and your team for the rest of this week buddy!


If that’s all you had I wouldn’t stress about it maybe one of his top plays struggle. That’s one thing that’s hard for me is to play 2 players from the same team unless it’s a QB lol


thanks good luck to you as well and at least his Tom Brady is on bye and he had forte on his bench


See it’s already looking ok for you haha good luck hope you win


and I just got zeke back