Follow up, analyze faults

As I said in an earlier post through wheeling and dealing I had a lot of high picks in a 12 team 3 keeper ppr league. I kept Mahomes, Lockett and Kupp and had these picks…
12 team full ppr. no penalty on keepers, just have to be players taken via free agency or 5th round on and can have for a total of 3 years.
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
Due to some wheeling and dealing last year I own a lot of picks. Currently in a 13 round draft my picks are

This is how my team ended up…
QB Patrick Mahomes
RB Christian McCaffery
Rb Josh Jacobs
WR Julio Jones
WR Keenan Allen
WR Cooper Kupp
TE Evan Engram
Flex Tyler Lockett
Def Rams
RB Kalen Ballage
RB Miles Sanders
RB Tony Pollard
RB Darrell Henderson
WR Dede Westbrook
WR Courtland Sutton
WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling

Now I think my team is stacked but everyone thinks that about their own teams post draft and I would like some opinions from the footclan on where my weaknesses are, What you like and dont like with it. etc. Thanks guys

I think you have a great WR core, and Mahomes is obviously nice as a zero-penalty keeper. The only weakness I’d suggest is maybe your RB depth might be pretty thin.

On paper the names are all nice, but there’s a lot of speculation/questions after McCaffrey:

  • Jacobs should be a stud, but he is a rookie so an unknown quantity (especially if the AB situation goes south and opponents all of sudden can go 8-man box against the run)
  • Ballage could be good. But he could also be a total bust (Drake timeshare, not great in the passing game, and as a Dolphins fan I’ve got to say his tape last year was pretty awful)
  • Miles Sanders could be brilliant, but also a rookie, and there’s still the risk of timeshare with Howard/Davis
  • Tony Pollard / Darrell Henderson are almost totally dependent on the Zeke/Gurley situations going south to be of weekly value

They could all hit, and you’d have an incredible lineup. But they could also all miss and then you’ve got no depth at all for bye weeks (or if anything happens to your starters).

It depends on the other owners’ rosters, but it might be worth trying to trade either Pollard/Henderson to an anxious Zeke/Gurley owner for someone a bit less boom/bust. You could even package a WR given your depth to sweeten the deal - if you could somehow get someone like Cohen, Miller, White etc. that gives you a solid floor play that would be ideal. Or even someone like Peterson who should be a good RB2/FLEX play for the first 4-6 weeks (and maybe whole season if Guice re-injures)

Looking over it all its your RB depth that is suspects, CMC has at least one year track record of production and even now that there is tape on him, I believe he is versatile enough to make the necessary adjustment to not take that sophomore slump we so often see. The rest of them are just pure speculation…if you are able to turn some of that depth, and excitement of the unknown with your rookies, for starting talent in the RB2 slot you should be golden.

please take a look at my team and offer any input you have:

All players taken round 5 or after are eligible for keeper at no charge for two additional years. I added what pick I used on what for reference…

QB Patrick Mahomes (keeper)
RB Christian McCaffery R 1.2
Rb Josh Jacobs R 3.4
WR Julio Jones R 1.11
WR Keenan Allen R 2.11
WR Cooper Kupp (keeper)
TE Evan Engram R 4.9
Flex Tyler Lockett (keeper)
Def Rams R 11.2
RB Kalen Ballage R 3.9
RB Miles Sanders R 4.3
RB Tony Pollard R 7.4
RB Darrell Henderson R 5.4
WR Dede Westbrook R 6.9
WR Courtland Sutton R 8.4
WR Marquez Valdes R 6.5