Footballers Dynasty League (full!)

Hey foot clan looking to start up a new dynasty League. I’ve commished and done redraft for many years and joined a dynasty League last year and loved it! This year will be free or low fees if we decide. We will be using slack to communicate. Vet draft will be as soon as possible with a rookie draft after the NFL draft. Hit me up if you’re interested!!!

I’m thinking…
. 5ppr
Def/k optional
15 bench spots
Maybe superflex if everyone is on board with it

I am interested.

I could go either way on the superflex.

im interested

Im interested. Preferably no kicker.

Would this be with or without contracted players?

I’d prefer no kickers as well… And most likely without contacts but we can leave that for the league to decide.

I will be setting up the slack channel today and will be sending out the invites.

I’m interested. I’m okay with kickers and superflex. What platform would we be using? My preference is ESPN.
My email is

Yes ESPN is what we will be using… Great I’ll send you the invite sometime tonight

I’m interested. I’ve wanted to do a dynasty league but none of my buddies are into it.

I would be interested as well. I don’t know if I’m too green for you guys. Last year was my first year playing, but I was by far the most active owner in my league. My rookie year I got my #footclantitle! I am hooked, but no one from my redraft league is interested in dynasty.

Sent you an invite to our slack group

All good! Reason I wanted this league free to low stakes is so new players to dynasty can have a chance to try without Risking so much… Shoot me your email and I’ll send you a invite.


@TheShiva15 do you have open spots yet? a buddy and I would be interested in joining


Love dynasty leagues!

I’m interested,

Yep we sure do… Send me your emails and I’ll get you added.

Intend sent to our slack channel

Invite sent to our slack channel

Hey I’m the newbie that posted about the dynasty league. My email is thanks!

Awesome slack invite sent

Hey I’m interested as well if there are still spots left: