Footclan! Am I crazy to consider this trade: My Freeman for his Aaron Jones, Funchess

Footclan! My team is struggling a little, and I’m trying to make a move to upgrade my WRs and RBs. Should I take this trade? If not, any advice on my team would be much appreciated!

Also to note: he does have Dez, Fuller, Jordy, and Evans as other WRs to target

QB: Taylor
RB: Gordon, Freeman, D. Lewis, Thompson, Morris, Darkwa, Cohen
WR: Mike Thomas, Alshon, Adams, Hogan, Parker

Is your league PPR?

It is Half PPR!

It’s kind of a tough call. On one side you hate to give away a good player like Freeman for a couple players that have only gained value recently.

BUT, with that said, Funchess is due to play an even bigger role without Benjamin, so PPR opportunities will be there. And Aaron Jones has looked good so far.

And Gordon and Thompson are both great PPR options to go with Jones.

EDIT: Lately Gordon hasn’t been in on the PPR action unfortunately (I own him). But hopefully just an anomaly.

I would shoot for Dez if I was giving up someone like Freeman… maybe package in Hogan so he gets a WR back… but Funchess is projected to look better but then what happens when greg olson comes back (in 2-3 weeks)

@FatherOfTrinity @tlp27 thanks guys! That’s my thinking too. I have Freeman in two leagues, so it hurts to give him up in this one.

The other offer I decided to counter offer is my Freeman, Alshon for his Jones, Dez. Might seem one sided at first, but Alshon isn’t the PPR monster he used to be. Let me know what you guys think?

If he bites on Alshon awesome but I have a feeling he’d want Hogan. It’s clear that Hogan is Brady’s #1 and I love Wentz but you can’t pass on a Brady lead offense.

If you did Alshon/Freeman for Jones/Dez that is a win imo for you but if it’s Hogan/Freeman it’d probably be a more 50/50 trade.

Good Luck!

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I wouldn’t trade Freeman personally

Yeah, that’s a tough one. You think he’ll bounce back? Ever since I’ve traded for him, he’s been underwhelming