FOOTCLAN ASSEMBLE 10am Trade deadline! Thoughs?

.5 ppr 12 team.

I need a QB I have Rivers and Hundley streaming this week.

I have ZEKE and Morris.

Would you trade Zeke for Brady straight up?

I am 5-3. thoughts?

Your QB situation isn’t ideal. Rivers is now in a run first offense with a head coach that has changed the offense to go through Melvin Gordon. Rivers attempts are still up because he’s throwing to Gordon. So he’ll continue to get completions but for lower yardage. Hundley might lose you this week’s matchup. He looked horrible last week. Brady will get you a baseline that will win you many weeks just not this one (on bye). Brady can get you to the playoffs…but Zeke can win you a championship. So depending on how you feel your record is right now can swing this either way. Good luck

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great insight. thank you for the information. My QB is far from ideal. I suppose I will gamble and see if I can use zeke in the playoffs if I make it.