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Hey foot clan, Ive got WR problems. I especially need help after Kamara went down.

This week i have Baldwin,Kupp, Thielen going.
Baldwin and Kupp have really tough matchups.
Do you think I can start one of these guys instead for maybe that 90 yard game and a touchdown?

E. Sanders, D. Amendola, K.Stills, D.Parker, M. Bryant.

Let me know! Thanks ballers.


I like Dola this week and would bench for Baldwin or Kupp. Don’t think i could bring myself to play Sanders over the other. And wouldn’t play stills / parker over either


Out of this group I think Bryant has the most up-side with JuJu out.


I agree. I picked up Danny and put him over Kupp.
I like it thanks @MonkeyLove

You think so @cmedic213? Ravens D is so good tho…
i guess the same goes for JAX against Baldwin but he’s more of a proven WR than Bryant.


From what I’ve notice, when Gronk ins’t playing Dolo usually has a field day. That said hogan my be playing also this week so you could possibly pick him up. A sleeper I been thinking about is Mike Wallace. Pitt defense looks very week with Haden gone and with Shazier out also Baltimore should be able to move the ball a lot easier.