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Footclan... Assemble! Dynasty question - Mixon or Cook?


What up, what up, what up Footclan! I’m in a first year dynasty league and our first rookie draft is this Friday. I have the fourth pick. Assuming Corey Davis, Fournette, and McCaffery are all gone, do I role with Joe Mixon or Dalvin Cook. I’m a HUGE Vikings fan and I’m torn. I’m leaning Mixon, but if I go with Mixon and Cook is great, I’ll hate myself forever, but I think Mixon will be the better player. This is a 12 team league, PPR, and our draft will be auction style. Let me know what you think. Thanks Footclan!


Neither of these are guaranteed anything this year, and who is to argue over which is more talented. So let’s weigh the opportunity.

Mixon is expected to take over the role of Hill and he will have the chance to do so as Gio will miss a couple games. It isn’t a long shot that Mixon touches the ball 200+ times this season.

Dalvin will get some carries, but so will Murray and McKinnon. When the Vikings turn to RBC, no RB gets more than 180 carries. However, if Cook wins the bell cow he could get as many as 300 carries.

Mixon is the clear choice this year, but for the future I believe it really depends on who will become a 3 down back and who has the better offense?


I agree with Guinness, i just want to add that Dalvin is a vision RB like Doug Martin and needs a decent O-line to produce. Mixon i believe has more raw talent and would be a better long term investment in a dynasty league.


If you’re pretty certain Mixon will go 4th, and you’re pretty set on Cook (as both a fan and for his future prospects), maybe you can trade back a pick or two? To the 1.05 or 1.06? – Get some additional value for your team and still get your RB.


I love both of these RB’s. It’s a tough choice all opinions above hold some weight. But if I had to chose I’m going mixon. I’m like you I have the 3rd pick & I can’t buy into christian & I like Corey Davis but only so many WR’s make a impact their rookie year. So Speaking for Myself I’ll most Likely take mixon over All rookies except fornette. Bucky brooks said if it wasn’t for mixon off field issue he would have been the first RB taken this year.


Thanks for all of your input fellas! Big rookie draft is tonight! I ended up trading my second round picks and auction money for the 6th pick. So I have the 4th and 6th pick in the rookie draft. Really hoping that I can take Mixon at 4 and then pray that Cook slips past the guy picking in the 5ht spot and I can steal him at my 6th pick. Again, thanks for all of your input! Best of luck this season gentleman!