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Footclan Assemble! I need trade advice


In my 12 man, .5 ppr, 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 flex league I have been offered the following.

My: Jarvis Landry and Marshawn Lynch
His: T.Y. Hilton and Mike Gillesie

The rest of my team is

WR: Michael Thomas, Devante Parker, Jeremy Maclin, and Jordan Matthews
RB: Freeman, Ty Montgomery, Riddick, and Chris Carson.

I’m leaning towards yes. Thoughts?


I don’t like Landry but since you have Parker too you know you have Miami’s #1 WR… with cutler that looks like it will be Parker so I like the trade since you have WR depth until Luck comes back. If you can stall for a week to two to know for sure about Cutlers favorite I would. If not I think I would take it.


@dan_majors That’s what I’m thinking too. I just don’t like having Landry AND Parker. If Landry doesn’t get targeted in the future then I think his future trade value is very low.


Also, I have already traded away Landry myself just because I didn’t like the outlook. I think Parker is the Dolphin to own.


I don’t think that trade benefits you at all. Don’t know what you are getting with Gillislee yet and Lynch looks solid. Hilton is almost useless without Luck. Does he have another good receiver you can target?


On paper I think this trade is fine but in reality we don’t know when Luck will be back nor do we know the condition he will be in when he is. A third of the season will likely be through before Hilton even has the potential to regain his WR1 status.

As for Gillislee, I don’t even know if Bill Belichick can predict his usage in any given game. I’d try to wait at least another week to see what happens with all the players involved. This seems to me like the Gillislee owner is trying to sell high. I’d be cautious.

It’s true that Cutler seems to prefer Parker to Landry but I’d rather have the player with at least a partially competant QB than rely on someone catching passes from Tolzein or even Brissett. And I own Hilton on my team.


@Inlet409 - I know that it’s a slight downgrade at my flex spot for the next few weeks but my thoughts are that Luck + Hilton late in the season is great for a playoff push. Marshawn did look great but 31 year old RB’s don’t get me excited for the long term, understand the year break and all that.

I’m also concerned that Landry will be nearly worthless after Cutler gets on the field


@mpignatelli - I agree on Hilton, but don’t you think he could still be flex worthy between him and Gilly and rest of my bench until Luck comes back.


I think New England spoiled us last year with Blount. Before that, rostering a NE running back was out of the question due to the unpredictability surrounding their usage. I think it’s likely that we see that same unpredictability return this year.

Of course I could be wrong and that’s why it’s important not to get too excited over the first week. Let a pattern develop. I definitely understand the value of striking while the iron is hot. And I think that’s what the Gilly owner is doing. The Raiders have the second best O line in the league behind only the Cowboys. Lynch didn’t come out of retirement to not be productive. Let him produce for you.