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so, i just got offered a trade that made my head tilt a little bit. stefon diggs for michael crabtree straight up. and i just dont get it. getting diggs for crabtree seems like a snap call yes for me, but i hesitate, and i dont know why. it feels like a trap. even though i know the guy is a raiders fan, that hesitation is still there. or am i over valuing Diggs to think he is crazy for thinking this is a fair trade for him? end point, should i say yes?

secondary question, i would like stories. stories about times like this happening to you. those trade offers that come through and make you ask, WTF were you thinking?!

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Breaking down both sides…

Crabtree: Injured QB (likely to return soon), “high-powered” offense with Carr healthy, #1 target on team by a landslide, Healthy at the moment

Diggs: Injured QB (not likely to return soon), “meh” offense without Cook and Bradford, #1 target (but kinda also Thielen and Rudolph), Injured himself right now (groin)

For me, the question would be: Do you need stability or high-upside from your WR slot? If stability, go Crabs. If high-upside/risk, go Diggs.


Great analysis. Agreed that Crabtree is better for a safe floor and Diggs for a higher risk/reward play


I mean this is the classic risk reward question. Strapon Diggs could be huge, or he could poop in his big boy pants. Crabapple has a pretty solid floor and is the WR1 on an offense that throws in the red zone.

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I think you have to stick with Crab. With Coopers downfall Carr will look even more towards Crabtree. The defense has been very mediocre this year so definitely can see a lot of high scoring, playing from behind games. Definitely benefits Crabtree.

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i appreciate the breakdown. sometimes its nice to have an outside eye in situations like this. i think i do want to do it. in this league, im one of the poor odell beckham owners. and i have a solid WR core still, even without odell. but i could use that boom that odell brought me. just to give you a run down, here is the team

QB: phillip rivers, Russel wilson
RB: Kareem hunt, Melvin Gordon, Andre Ellington
WR: Keenan Allen, Golden Tate, Michael Crabtree, Devante Parker, Willie Snead

so i basically have a really safe floor WR core now, (i dropped odell for snead) and not a whole lot of boom. but, do i really need a ton of boom. TBD i guess.

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my only problem with that, is that when crabtree has been the clear number 1, he has always struggled. he does so well at oakland because of derrek carr, and cooper taking the double coverages. so im kind of think that is a negative instead of a benifit. but, i wil have to think on that side of it a bit more. maybe that is what he sees that i dont.

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FWIW - I’m a poor Odell owner too and I’d give my left nut for Crabs right now haha. I just made a trade for Pryor… hoping and wishing that he will live up to his potential and give me some explosiveness.

You have to consider the possibility that Bradford may end up being toast this season. He did NOT look healthy when he tried to play last week. And if he doesn’t play, you’re banking on Diggs catching balls from On-the-Case Keenum. Or maybe even Bridgewater if he gets back to health. Either way - there are MANY more questions surrounding Diggs than Crabs IMO.

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yeah thats a solid point. i mean, diggs did have that huge game with keenum at the helm, but he also had a really MEH game too. and diggs has gotten a crap ton of targets this season, with and without bradford. but, as you pointed out, its quality of targets not always quantity. man i really might have to say no to this. kinda crazy since i went into it thinking it was a no brainer.

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Well Crabbypatty is the clear number 1, but Cooperpooper will still draw the shut down CB. He has the skill set that requires it.

If you have ever had a bone bruise there is a LOT of risk associated with it. Big risk that it becomes a fracture. Not only that but you can feel pressure in the bone and it hurts every time you put weight on it. For a guy that has had a big injury problem I can understand how that might terrify Mr. Biscuits. That being said, once it has healed/swelling goes down you are 100%.

haha, guy got cold feet and withdrew the offer before i could say no. he also sent it at 1:30am so maybe dude was drunk trading lol