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Footclan Assemble to help my Dynasty Trade endeavors


Hey Footclan!
Thoughts on a developing trade for a 12 team dynasty, .5ppr.?
I trade: Corey Davis, Frank Gore, Kyle Rudolph for
Jordan Howard, Jeremy Langford, Zach Ertz.
There may be picks involved but this is the bulk of the deal. For context, I have AB, J. Jones, and Evans at WR but am old at RB (Gore, Sproles, & Blount). Thanks for the help.


So break it down.

Gore vs Howard = Howard by a lot

Rudolph vs Ertz = probably Rudolph … by a nose hahahahahahahaha … whew!

Langford vs Davis = who cares? Obviously Davis is the one with upside, but your WRs are stout. Langford can be dropped for … wait, tell him to keep Langford and bump up the pick he gives you.


Agree with Harpersdad 100%. What it comes down to is you are getting the best player in this deal. And yeah you lose Davis, but your WR are absolute monsters.