Footclan Assemble! Trade advice needed

In a 10 team standard league I am STACKED at RB.

I have Freeman, Montgomery, Hunt, CJ Anderson, Abdullah, Riddick, and Doug Martin

My WR’s are AJ Green, DeVante Parker, Maclin, Thielen, and Ginn.

For CJ I have been offered Amari Cooper or Alshon Jeffrey.

Do you guys think I should take one of these trades? If so, which trade? Should I wait a week and then shop for higher upside guys?

How many RB’s and WR’s can you run each week?

I like Cooper, but as a Cooper owner he has the dropsies. It’s frustrating. I have no Jeffrey shares as I wasn’t confident in Wentz’s development.

I would lean Cooper as that offense is SOLID.

Or ya, you could hold. Nothing wrong wth holding CJA at this point.

Is the guy deadset on CJ, or is he just looking for RB help? Would he entertain Abdullah possibly coming off his good game? Maybe you could package Abdullah and say Ginn or Thielen for one of those two guys. (I think either are a good value, but I would go Jeffery at this point.)

I don’t think CJ for Jeffery is necessarily a bad value, but if it would be possible to acquire one of those guys and keep CJ, I’d like to do that as well. If he doesn’t bite and really wants CJ, I’d be very tempted to pull the trigger on that…

2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex