Footclan.. Assemble!

Need your help ya’ll. 10 team, Full PPR, 6 bench spots, no IR.


I had Saquon, Jarwin, and Phillip Lindsay. Also, I have Devante Adams, DJ Chark, and Carson Wentz. So I’m in quite the pickle.

Healthy players: Miles Sanders, David Montgomery, Calvin Ridley, Marvin Jones, Dallas Goedert, Todd Gurley, David Johnson, Josh Kelly, Frank Gore, Justin Herbert, and Gardner Minshew.

Bottom line is that there is clearly not enough on this team to contend at the moment but perhaps trading a strong asset from this team like Adams or Ridley can help revitalize the squad.

What can I get for Adams or Ridely in a trade? Thoughts or trade suggestions that I can make are all welcome. Also, RIP jokes are also welcome. Much appreciated it footclan.

Personally I would hold 1 more week. You have enough RB depth to help play matchups with the loss of Barkley, and those WR’s can help make up for any potential loss in RB production. I wouldn’t jump ship here in week 3.

Ive been trying to move Ridley myself in a standard league with no luck. Maybe its bc I want premium price but to the common owner hes not a premium name ?

I will end up holding for one more week. Also, Ridley is definitely not a premium name just yet but he will be. He’s the best WR in the league after two weeks, I doubt he finishes below WR 5 this year.

Thanks for ya’ll’s input. It’s very much appreciated. Good luck this week and going forward.