Footclan Assemble


Just joined today, big fan of the ballers and hoping to join a dynasty league with fellow fantasy football owners that are active and committed.

While searching #footclan leagues I can’t reply to any of the posts for leagues that are starting up.

Does anyone know why?

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Need to connect Patreon Account with Forum. Sometimes it takes some time to get access going.

Welcome to the FootClan
I am starting up a new unique Dynasty League in a few weeks and still need a few owners. I think you’d be a great fit!

48 teams. $30 buy in.
Linked below is a video explaining the details, with the Bylaws below that. Sign up in the video description.


Welcome! I actually am in the midst of starting a new league at Sleeperbot. It’s going to be an Empire league, so half the pot goes to the empire total and that keeps growing every year until someone wins back to back seasons.