Footclan! Debating trading my Freeman, Parker for his Michael Thomas, Mixon. Roster inside!

Footclan! Should I take this trade? I’m deep at RB and am looking for a WR upgrade.

Roster - 3 WR - 8 team league half PPR

RBs: McCoy, Freeman, Hunt, Kamara, Morris
WRs: AJ Green, Baldwin, DT, Benjamin, Juju, and Parker

Parker’s Upside ROS is good but that trade is pretty solid idk how useful mixon would be on your roster but MT could get plugged right in

Yup, that’s my thinking. MT would be an immediate starter. The only reason I’m including Mixon is so that i have some depth at RB if I do trade away Freeman.

Would you trade away a different WR instead of Parker?

ummm idk the neext option is juju i think parker’s role in the offense is more certain but its up to you on that one

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Bump for feedback

Man that deep on RBs I bet you could target AB or Julio instead if you made it worth it and still be set.

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Oh yh good thinking You could try Kamara Baldwin for AB + 1 baldwin’s schedule isn’t the best in the playoffs, Hunt’s schedule is easy but i really dont like his usage recently maybe the bye fixes it but i shopped him for bell in my league.

I actually offered to trade Joe Mixon for DeVante Parker cause his Playoff matchup is so crazy
I offered Mixon for Diggs too and both owners agreed now Idk who to take. But i do have some faith in Parker’s Talent and matchup combination. But I’m reluctant because of how much Cutler spread the ball around the last game too many targets including the RB’s

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