Footclan! Dilemma - too many RBs, not enough WRs

Hey Footclan! I’m lacking a solid WR2 or 3… in my 3 WR league plus flex. I have several startable RBs though, so I’m wondering if I should make a trade for one of Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, or Hopkins. I’m thinking a 2 for 1 should easily get me a WR, but who should I package without hurting my team? Who should I target?

QB: Dak
RB: Freeman, McCoy, Hunt, Kamara, Abdullah, Morris
WR: AJ Green, Baldwin, Demaryius, Benjamin, Parker and Juju

your team seems solid, wait a breath to see which wr most consistent

Thanks. You wouldn’t try to pull a trade? I have 4 startable RBs, but only 2 must start WRs.

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Talk to the Zeke owner and try to trade Alf. Suspension looks imminent, even though I hope Zeke gets to finish the season.

I actually agree that you should ride it out for a bit. Depending on your league’s roster requirements seems like you could flex rb or wr on a matchup basis. If you feel you must then look for a target rich environment with a plethora of WRs and try to package Demaryius with your rb with the worst playoff schedule for a wr1 or high end wr2 with a good playoff schedule. If it’s a 3 wr league I see your problem.

I would Try Kamara, JuJu, Benjamin/Parker Julio, Mike Thomas? See if they bite or maybe gett diggs buy low lots of potential when healthy

@cmot_wilbur @Patsruleall thanks guys. Yes it is a 3 WR league plus flex. My 2 RB spots and flex are basically locked and loaded with 3 RBs. Only recently did I start going with matchups since Kamara has played so well.

My 3 WR spots, I’m going with AJ Green and Baldwin… but that 3rd spot is a toss up.

Especially this week, after McCoy pooped in his pants, I’m worried I don’t have enough upside at WR to get me the win.

If you really feel you need WR depth I say package Kamara Thomas and either Kelvin or Parker for a high end WR 1, Honestly though I think you are pretty set.