Footclan Franchise League

Hello Footclan!

I am hoping to start a league full of footclan members who want to participate in a $20 .5ppr keeper style league.

If you have listened to the right episodes of the podcast then you have heard about a franchise/keeper like league. To explain it in my own bad words, you get 1 Franchise player that you get to keep and 3 other players (of a different position than the franchise player) get thrown into a hat to see which 1 goes back into the draft.

I’m not sure if there’s an exact list of settings for this league but I’m going to try and make it as similar as possible. I would be open to a “co-commissioner” to help me out, but would also take help on perfecting the settings. The league will be run through Sleeper. Please let me know if you are interested, I am aiming for 10 but will also go with 12.

I would love to join. MattCrawley on Sleeper

Baileyowen321. I would like to join your franchise/keeper league. $20 entry you said?

Correct! Add me on Sleeper @ BaileyOwen and I will invite you to the league!

@ BaileyOwen on sleeper if you’re interested!