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Footclan help Draft Feedback PLEASE

Footclan , please give me some feedback

12 team auction 200 budget 1/2 ppt ppr , Crazy league Top RB’s went for about $85 !! Insane. Didnt go on tilt and ended up with

QB: Winston
RB: Chubb , D Freeman , Mack , Royce Freeman & Penny
WR: Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, DJ moore, Allen Robinson & Curtis Samuel
TE Njoku

Freaking out about my RB depth ? Please let me know thoughts . #footclan member
Mattison , Gore , Justice hill all on waivers.

A lot of people picking up Gore, not seeing who I would drop for him on your roster though. I think your RB’s are fine, people sleeping on Mack and Freeman.