Footclan, help. Team is banged up and 0-2...should I try to deal?

I’m 0-2 in a 10 team .5ppr. I’ve currently scored the 4th most points. I’m wondering I should take something and try to improve or just try and ride it out until everyone is back.

My roster:

QB: Streaming Bortles

WR: Hill, Baldwin, Goodwin, J. Brown, DeSean, and Godwin

RB: Kamara, Howard, Mixon, Michel, Buck Allan

TE: Burton

K: Gould


I’d try to package Kamara to get a stud RB and WR. Otherwise, just sit back and wait.

What’s a good asking price for Kamara? I feel like he’s the one player (Hill, maybe to a little lesser extent) that can give me a big advantage week to week.

I mean, I say two studs I mean like WR 1 and RB1. You want to upgrade not do sideways trades.

I’m in a similar situation in a league where I can Barkley and mike Evans. Honestly I think your better standing pat. The offers I am getting are just insane and nobody seems to want to pay fair value.

Maybe your league is different but in mine I am not getting close to fair return.

Good luck I know how frustrating this is

Ha. Definitely not getting fair values. Unfortunately, I’ve also found my league all thinks they won at the draft and all seem to overvalue their guys. I’m open to moving anyone on my roster if the price is right or I feel both teams improve.

Very similiar to one of mine! Same exact situation.

Someone told me I would have to give Barkley and Evans for AB because the league scoring is 27 points a receiving TD. Even at that I would do that trade.

It’s frustrating when people thing they won their leagues at the draft lol

I’d try to get value on Mixon even though he’s banged up for some owner playing for down the road. You might not get top guys but try to get a starting RB and starting WR. It would at least give you more flexibility than having him eating up a roster spot for multiple weeks.

I don’t know if I could get good value for Mixon while he is banged up. Most of the guys in my league don’t seem to be as high on him as I am.

@MikeMeUpp would you care to give your thoughts on the situation? I see you on here often.