Footclan! I have a QB dillemma! Any advice would be much appreciated

Footclan! I lost Rodgers last week and bounced back by grabbing Mariota and Taylor off waivers. I think those two are very solid, but I’m not sure Tyrod Has enough weapons to take advantage of his great schedule.

Should I try and trade for a QB? Ryan? Wentz?

Below is my roster - Half PPR, 8 team

QB: Mariota, Taylor

RB: Gordon, Freeman, Thompson, Cohen, Gore and Breida

WR: Mike Thomas, Adams, Jeffery, Hogan, And Parker

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I’m starting Taylor in a league as Watson is on a bye. I’m hoping he can get some rushing yards for me as like you said, he doesn’t really have anyone to throw to.

I’d prefer Mariota if I’m being honest.


Trading for a QB is unlikely to return value, I would just run with Mariota and watch the waiver wire.


Right. That’s my concern. I just missed out on Wentz. I bid $5 and someone else bid the same amount with a higher priority. Should I try to acquire a different QB to replace Tyrod rest of Season?

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Tyrod has a good schedule coming up (Raiders & Jets)

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He has an ok schedule coming up, but I don’t believe in him. Without having to cover for the pass, teams can stack the box and assign a robber to watch the QB. There are a few others I would want more. Goff for one.


That’s my concern as well, which is why I really regret missing out on Wentz. Goff has struggled so far as well. There aren’t many options other than Rivers and Palmer on waivers.

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