Footclan! I’m struggling to figure out who to drop for Cam Newton. Need a QB!

Footclan! Who do I drop?!

QB: Tyrod (lost Rodgers mid year)

RB: Gordon, Freeman, Thompson, Darkwa, Morris

WR: Mike Thomas, Jeffery, Adams, Parker, Hogan, Woods and Davis

TE: Doyle

What’s your league setup? I might consider dropping Adams or even Tyrod himself if you’re comfortable streaming QB when Cam has bad match up. I just Traded for Wilson and will be trying to either stream QB for bad weeks (if I make the playoffs) or just snag someone I know will be good during Wilson’s toughest match ups. Hope that helps a bit.

I will drop Davis or Tyrod for Cam.

@joe_davey @EricBZH it’s half PPR! The one catch is that Cam is on Bye, so I have to keep Tyrod to play this week.

I’m also debating dropping Adams. Or maybe Davis… but TENs offense has the more upside.

Probably Morris or Davis for me. I’m a Cowboys fan, but that O-line looked terrible without Tyron Smith on the left. Running game is going to hurt without him, and Mcfadden will probably get a lot of pass catching. Plus, would be difficult to convince me to start Alf over Gordon, Freeman, or Thompson, so he’d be riding my bench. I’d rather have the Cam upside going into the playoffs.