Footclan! I need your opinion

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My team has the pics with baker Mayfield and Royce Freeman on them Ladies and Edelman

I’m wondering if I need Aaron Jones and if so what to trade for him, this guys team doesn’t really seem to be hurting so I’m lost on what to offer

Anyone? Lol

Idk man…I think you have the team that doesn’t need much anywhere. Aaron Jones could always be a nice addition. But with the injury to Dalvin Cook lingering, rb depth is probably your league mates biggest need so I’m not sure he feels any desire to deal away Jones. You can try and sell Cooper off a big game. Maybe package Cooper usable back to get Jones and Ertz is the target I would want most from there as that is your only weakness. Cooper Howard and Burton for A. Jones, Ertz, and Robinson or something to that affect.