FootClan Leagues Question

I am connected to Patreon and I am a member of the #footclan. However, I cannot gain access to posting on FootClan Leagues. When I follow the link under “Want access to ALL the forums” I can select that I’m already a Patreon supporter, then it directs me to log in. After I login, I still don’t have access. Am I missing a step? How do I post in #footclan-leagues?

The reason why, is that I’m looking for 3-5 more members to join for my 2QB dynasty startup. $50 buy-in.

Hey man

I had massive issues getting access. Basically I had paid via patreon and logged in to the site via same. Then when I clicked the forums I was prompted to log in again. All looks good your avatar is in the top right corner and all but when you click on a thread to reply it basically says you’re not logged in.

I can’t recall exactly but I think I reset the password on patreon, logged in via computer instead of phone and then for some reason it worked. Sorry I can’t really recall but I redid the steps like 20 times over and then it worked all of a sudden. You can write to the support also - I did but got it to work whilst waiting for a reply

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