#Footclan Listener League Segment Request

Aloha Ballers and #Footclan members,

I would like to propose/ask for a new segment for the Footcast. A period on the weekly #Footclan show for The Ballers to throw out props or brags for trades, wins, losses, etc. that go on with the Listener League. I have heard about how hard people try to get in, but the noise fades from there during the season (other than Jason’s bragging).
I know its a lot of extra work for Brooks, but can we as a nation, hear a little more of what’s going on there?
If my fellow members agree, lets get this conversation started!!

This was previously posted in the #Footclan General Forum, but it seems there is a lot more activity in this forum.

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I always thought this would be good as well. If not weekly, at least periodically. I know the guys are not sure how much people really want to hear that, though, so they’ve been reluctant I think to spend too much time on it in past years. If you didn’t see them and you’re interested I wrote two posts from my experience in the Listener League last year: https://community.thefantasyfootballers.com/t/observations-from-the-listener-league-so-far

Thank you so much for sending me this! Sounds like you had a great time! Seems you went the extra ten miles and made the league really enjoyable. Your posts were great and wish I had seen them last year.

I got msg back from Josh saying what you said, that they are not sure how many people would want hear about what they are missing out on. However, I feel the opposite way and really want hear a weekly trash talking update from Mr. Moore. Hopefully they can start one if enough people add their voice to the call.

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