Footclan membership questioning

If you become a footclan member does it give you more access to footclan league fourm features other than being able to post a topic?

Becoming a FootClan member provided you access to:
#FootClan Community Forums
#FootClan Leagues
and #FootClan Support

FootClan leagues is where is where I have joined over 10 leagues. It’s a fantastic place to find new leagues to join.

Yeah but specifically asking about the clan leagues. If you become a member is the only thing it allows you to do is post or are there sub threads that are hidden from non members?

I was not aware you could even see the posts in FootClan Leagues without being a member.

There is something called Online Leagues. Can you see that?

No can only see footclab league section. But can’t post or reply to anything. Also can’t see subsections if online is a subsection in footclan leagues.

@Rotofanatic - I am having the same issue. Just signed up today and was looking to respond to a post on the Footclan League section and can’t reply to anything or post a new topic. Did you figure this out by chance?

@TheDarkRemains Sometimes the ability to post takes up to 24hrs for new users. Can’t remember if this is documented somewhere or I experienced it myself.

Have you linked your Patreon Account?

See this other post:

having the same issue lol i wanna join a league but the topics are like from 2017 lol