Footclan Playoff Support

Coming into playoffs off the bye and now anxiety is setting in… I need the support of the Footclan to give me reassurance that things will be ok.
Starting line up-
RBs: Lev Bell + Howard
WRs: Julio, Tyreek + Goodwin
TE: Doyle
DST: Ravens
Do I flex Stewart, Wallace or Mike Davis?
Do I stay in the flames with Rivers, or roll out Dak or Bortles?
Do I start Hunter “The Goose” Henry or play Watson off waivers against Cleveland?
Do I drop Dak/ Bortles/ Henry/ Wallace/ Davis/ Panthers DST to grab Vikings DST off waivers… maybe start over ravens?

Half PPR btw


heres my line up for clarity

I’d go Stewart or Wallace in flex. Prob in that order. As you just never know when Stewart will have a big game…but I do love Wallace against Cle.
But listen to the podcasts and if they mention mike Davis as a good play you could head that way but Sea RB situation has been so werid this year

Stay in the flames. Rivers should have a fine game. I’m rolling with him in my league .

I don’t hate Doyle…denvers D Looked good last week but the Jets were thrown out of rhythm with their injury to QB. So saying that I think Doyle/Hunter/Watson are about the same play… I’d just go with your gut on this one.

Stick with BAL D they will be fine this week even though Josh Gordon is on Cle and Bal D sucked last week they will be back to their old self

If you drop anyone to pick up anyone…I’d drop Panthers D… With Rodgers prob coming back I think they won’t do as well to play this week. Next is TB which could be nice.
So if you go for a TE I guess drop a TE as they are all around the same Calibur


I agree with everything you said. Just gotta trust the process, not over think it and listen to the guys. I just tend to over think everything like trading away keenan and Hopkins earlier in the year. Thanks for the reassurance.

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Should it matter if my opponent is starting McCaffery?

I am playing Rivers over Dak in my league as well.

I would flex mike davis.