#Footclan Pyramid of Greatness

Allow me to introduce the #Footclan Pyramid of Greatness. The first year will have multiple divisions of 12 teams. After the year is up, all teams will be divided into a pyramid of divisions: a top elite division, a intermediate tier of divisions and a basement tier of divisions. Each year the top teams in each division will be promoted to higher divisions while the bottom teams will be demoted to lower divisions.

Here are some parameters:
Payments through League Safe
No trade reviews
PPR, 0.25PPCarry, All other scoring is Sleeper standard
QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, FLX, DST, 5 BN, 2IR
Top 8 teams make playoffs, reseeded matchups
Toilet Bowl
Each league will vote on a league fee between $0 and $100. The rounded average number will be the buy-in.
1st Place - 60%
2nd Place - 30%
3rd Place - 10%

Right now, I have (6) leagues set up with different draft times. I will add more if needed. Please join a league with a draft time that you can make.

18 of 72 spots filled

September 6, 9:00pmEST (5 Spots left)

September 6, 11:55pmEST (9 spots left)

September 7, 9:00pmEST (7 spots left)

September 7, 11:55pmEST (12 spots left)

September 8, 9:00pmEST (12 Spots left)

September 8, 11:55pmEST (9 spots left)