Footclan! Stay in the flames with GOFF or go with Rivers?

Footclan assemble!

Goff has a tough matchup in MN, while Rivers has a decent matchup vs BUF. Also, it seems Rivers has a better schedule ROS, too.

Two questions:

  1. Who do I go with this week? Goff or Rivers?

  2. Do I go Goff ROS (streaming with Cam) and assume this Rams offense is for real? Or pick up Rivers with the better schedule?

Stick wit Goff and cam for sure the rams offense is for real the lead the league in most pts…

Thanks. Both Cam and Goff have great matchups, matching perfectly for each other’s schedule.

I think you’re right. Ill stick with Goff. If he doesn’t disappoint me this week, then I know I have a QB1 the rest of the way.

Yup I’m in the same boat when I lost Rodgers for the year I started off wit McCown and rode on his hot streak before trading to get Goff for next to nothing and I’m thinking the same thing this week is his true test if I can count on him the rest of the way or if I need to make another trade for a Qb…u got Cam and he’s hot so u got a nice insurance policy there…

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I think Minnesota’s defense is overrated so ride the Goffinater!

I like Rivers if interceptions counted as touchdowns-

I’m hoping it’s a shootout I got Goff and McKinnon in this game…


@jaysmooth @DABOYS4LIFE thanks guys. I’ll roll with Goff. I lost Rodgers as well (the one time I invest in a Packer QB), and relied on Tyrod. Well now I was left with no QB. I’m hoping Goff and Cam get the job done!

Yea I think ur set