Footclan title is on the line! BOONE OR JONES TONIGHT?

Am I crazy for thinking about pivoting from aaron Jones to Boone tonight?? I need 15 points in a full PPR league to win. Jones has been money for me BUT I feel like Boone has the smash matchup out of the two…I’m torn and I know I’m not alone in this debate lol

i need 8 points in standard and i have both as well… someone please help us!

In the same boat and my heart says Boone and my head says Jones


ME TOO! Lol and it’s hard to NOT take into account how great Jones has been all year and his to potential. You gotta erase all that and just look at the matchup. But even still…Jones has been a monster

I wanna say Boone he should get a lot of work and a receptions could do it

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The only thing that makes me nervous is Boone could get less work in the passing game with abdullah being there too. Since he has more of a rep as the “3rd down back” in his career. To me Boone has a higher ceiling but Jones could have the more solid floor. I need 15 points to win which is right there on the fringe lol

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Hope y’all went Aaron Jones!