#Footclan tools GUIDE?

Just became an official #footclan member after probably nearly 5 years of listening regularly.

I’m trying to play around with some of the tools like Strength of Schedule and Market Share and several others. Is there a guide to how that works somewhere on this website?

For example, I’m having problems understanding the Strength of Schedule tool. When I go in there and click on the RB tab for example, it reorders the list of all the teams. What order is that in? What are the ranks in the 1st column? When I click on different position tabs, it reorders. How is everything sorted and what does everything mean?

Anywhere on the site where it breaks down what everything means and how everything works or are we supposed to just figure it out? I’ve used similar tools on other websites before so I know what I’m doing for the most part, but some of it doesn’t seem to lineup with how I think it would on here…

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks so much!

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