Footclan! Two for 1 Trade or Drop 1?


I just acquired Pryor off waivers, but dropped my kicker because I wasn’t sure who to drop. Now I need to pick up a kicker but I need to make space on my team. I can either:

  1. Drop a player on my bench
  2. 2 for 1 Trade

I’m not sure who to target in a 2 for 1, or who to trade away. My roster is below:

WRs: Jordy, Demaryius, KelvinB, Pryor, Garcon, and JJ Nelson

RBs: Gurley, Hunt, McCoy, Abdullah, Kelley, Carson and Mixon

In a 2 for 1…Thomas & Abdullah for Evans? Hard to come up with ideas when we can’t see rosters & who needs what. But doing a 2 for 1 you’d ideally want to be able to move up a tier in talent.

Thanks. That’s what I’m thinking as well. I offered Demaryius and Abdullah for Michael Thomas.

Maybe Demaryius and Abdullah for Cooks?

I see Thomas and Cooks on the same level, so I wouldn’t throw in an extra for him.

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I was just thinking the same thing as Nick in regards of who to trade away. You’ve got enough depth to trade abdullah for sure.

It’s tough, because the Evans owner has Sanders, so offering DT won’t work. My goal is to find a better WR than Thomas… Though there aren’t any that are buy low candidates at the moment.

Thanks. I agree. I’m thinking of pairing Abdullah with either Kelley, DT, Kelvin or JJ Nelson and upgrading at WR or RB. It’s just tough to find that ideal trade target.

Maybe Hilton? if you’re more patient for Lucks return than the current owner.

I was thinking of offering something to the Hilton owner. What would you suggest? His value is fairly low at the moment.

Maybe try trading for Aj Green since he has two bad weeks

I’m sure he’d want a receiver in return, maybe DT and Abdullah or Benji and Carson?