Footclan! Who is droppable from my roster?

Footclan! I’m looking to pick up Drake (or Burkhead), Rivers and maybe a backup Defense.

Who from my roster is droppable? Need at least two or three.

QB: Cam
RB: Gordon, Freeman, Morris, Darkwa, and Booker
WR: Mike Thomas, Jeffery, Crowder, Hogan, Woods, Davis and Parker

At this point, Davis and Parker. If you can’t justify to start them then they need to go. Pick up someone who will give you more depth elsewhere

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Agreed. Im leaning that way too. Would you rather have Booker or Morris ROS? I’m having a hard time trusting Morris… And Booker offers more upside. Of course, I’d probably only drop either one for Drake or Burkhead

I agree with you. Drop Morris, keep Booker. I personally would choose burkhead over Drake but that’s just me