#footclantitle... kittle!

Finally after 3 years I won it!! Thanks to the ballers and to everyone here for all the advice and help this season!!! Oh and to George kittles and bits for locking it up for me!


@Klc…been in my league for 4 yrs now. Have made it to our Play Offs every year but one. This year I finally made it to the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, but lost it by 20 pts. I lost Gurley and Dav Adams. He had Mahomes, Edelman, and RAMS. (PPR)

That’s ok. HEY…at least made it to the BIG ONE!!! AND…being the only woman…and almost 60 yrs old at that, against 9 other men and boys young enough to be my sons and grandsons. LOL…mess with this tough old broad will ya??? :rofl:

GREAT JOB my friend!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: