For all the marbles!

Who would you swap out? Standard scoring

QB- Hurts vs Redskins
RB- Dillon vs Vikings
RB- Harris vs Browns
WR- Hill vs Bengals
WR- Kupp vs Ravens
WR- Gronk vs Jets

QB- Garoppolo vs Texans
QB- Wilson vs Lions
RB- Foreman vs Dolphins
RB- Freeman vs Rams
WR- D. Johnson vs Browns
WR- Lockett vs Lions

Def Hurts vs the Football Team.

The lineup looks solid. Only one I would consider is Foreman vs starting Dillion. But even at that it’s a coin toss.

Thanks for the responses, I’m tilting dudes. Starting Gronk over Deonte Johnson just feels dirty as hell. The Dillon/Foreman situation is even more of a mind trip. I’m tilting!!!

Dionte over gronk. Reception machine and Bens last home game will want to show out. Gronk too inconsistant for a final imo

Agree with @david378577238 - Diontae Johnson over Gronk.

A.J. Dillon over D’Onta Foreman for me, pretty easily.