For the #FootClan Title...Big Ben or Russell Wilson?

Russ at home? Or road Big Ben in the Saints dome?

I would go with Russ

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I would go with Russ… The fact he is mobile adds to his value for me plus QBs usually put up good points against KC

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Who do you think has the highest ceiling and why?
I feel like it’s Ben based on the fact that he’s almost certainly going to throw the ball 40+ times whereas if the Seahawks stick to their recent game plan and run the ball on 60%+ of plays Russ will have few opportunities.
I know most would say SEA will have to throw to keep up with the KC offense. But if I’m SEA, I’m thinking the best way to control the KC offense is by keeping them on the sidelines through controlling the clock and time of possession by running the ball. Which SEA has proven to do effectively and KC hasn’t been able to stop the run much this season either.
On the flip side the NO defence is much better than it was early in the season and hasn’t given up nearly as much through the air as they were. And we all know about road Big Ben…
Hmmm I’m conflicted…decisions decisions