For those who made it ... Happy, Excited, Nervous Wreck?

For those who have made it, how are you feeling right now. personally i’m a nervous wreck. My team was epic going into playoffs but the last few weeks with injuries and flukes have made me realize that I know nothing with my team.

That said I won 2 leagues last year and I’m trying to do it again. One league i’m back in the ship and the other is a 2 week but i’m down by 20 since gordon was out and miller got hurt. Here’s to hoping for a comeback. I hope to join others again for #FootClanTitle


I wish you all the luck on your future dynasty!!!

I feel like I am obsessing over this more than usual. I won my league last year and am back in championship. I am favored to win (70percent to 30 percent) but this number 2 seed has been one of those lucky teams. So who knows…
I also started a league for my family where I started 1-5 and I snuck in the playoffs on the last week and now I’m in championship! Also favored to win in this one (68percent to 32percent). This is another one of those garbage teams that just had luck on their side the whole year…I did tell my cousin 6 weeks ago, “I will sneak in playoffs, get in championship and hopefully you’ll be there and I will destroy you.”

So I don’t know man- stressing but really looking forward to it. Crossing fingers.

Good luck to all you foot clan.


Nervous wreck. Gotta play my wife in the fantasy championships. There’s no scenario where this works out well for me :rofl:


I can’t stop looking - it’s becoming a problem. This is my 2nd year in this league and it’s a decent buy in (for me) at $100. I also did poorly last year, but am 12-1 this year with points for at +160. I want to win so badly it’s legit stressing me out way more than it should.

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may god have mercy on your soul lol

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yeah OBJ and Gurley in my 12 man have me just a wreck since I don’t know their status. Losing 1 is workable. losing both would make this a mess. i barely snuck in as is thanks to OBJ missing time.

It’s my own fault too. I created this monster. I tricked my wife into playing fantasy football cuz I knew she’d like it cuz she’s competitive. The idea was that this would allow football to be on all day Sunday and I wouldn’t be forced to do household stuff or go shopping. She would be bad cuz she doesn’t know a lot about football. It has insanely backfired


This is the funniest and possibly the worst scenario!

Buy a box of chocolates in case you win…but then she’ll kill you because you never believed she had a shot. Oh man.


I’m excited to not be in the 3rd/4th matchup and possible not get any payout. Worst case scenario this weekend, I will get double my buy-in. Best case is 5x my buy-in

I’m also excited to see my Mahomes/tyreek/Gurley go against his Brees/Hopkins/CMC

Should be fun

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Dude. She will brag about a victory ALL year to my immediate family who will then pile on. If I win I get couch and sulky wife for at least a week

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Better fire up that X-box/Playstation! I like the couch!
I’ll take couch and a pissy wife over her owning me!

Can you create a topic and let us see your match up this week?


Haha same man. I can replay Red Dead and get the evil ending. Ya I’ll make a topic a bit later, once the kids settle and I’m sure about her final roster.

I have been in my main league for 3 years. Like clock work my team would collectively decide to have terrible weeks week 15, and I lost in the semis both years. So happy to finally make the big day.

Where it ends is the fact I am the ESPN projections underdog (I know never trust) but its because his team is probably under projected Zeke, Chubb in at RB vs my Dj and the Tasmanian Devil for example.
And it goes on from there throughout the roster.

So happy to make the finals, but being realistic about my chances, i’m guessing i’ll settle for silver

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I am back in the finals against the same guy for the second year in a row. Gurley’s 50 burger in the finals took me down last year and his team is looking just as fierce this year. It was looking like a heavyweight battle between the two of us until I lost Kareem Hunt and Aaron Jones so now I’m the clear underdog…

Big Ben or Russ (haven’t decided yet)
McGuire/Ware/Breida/Robby Anderson/Landry (flex undecided at this point; full PPR)

Needless to say I have some “critical” start sit decisions, not sure if it will matter in the end. But anything can happen in fantasy football…

Pro tip to any single men on here, buy a comfy ass couch. I gladly accept any challenge out there lol


I feel good about my chances… Me and my opponent split the pot ($300 each) and we’re just playing for the championship ring now so there’s really no stress anymore… 1st time I havent been stressed about football all season haha…

God luck to everyone this weekend

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I’m excited made the Ship in half of my leagues 3/6 I get Melvin Gordon back and hopefully James Conner so I’m feeling good.

Nervous wreck. First time making it to the finals in this league, I’m the “newbie” and I’m the only female out of the whole crew…screw the money I got bragging rights on the line here! May the odds forever be in your favor! Good luck everyone!!

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Bad news, Connor is out this week :frowning:
I have Samuels so I like the news, but devastating for anyone that has him.

Good think I got Jaylen Samuels in all leagues that I own Conner in… I’m set