Forced into playing a bad D/ST

I need to choose between Chicago D/ST vs Detroit or GB D/ST vs Baltimore

I know that there’s the cold and wet/snowy storm going to be in Chicago meaning less passing/scoring, which is why I’m leaning towards them. Any help is appreciated.

I think Chicago is the stronger D in general, but Golden Tate will be threatening points. So I guess I’m not really helping haha

nope… not very helpful, but im leaning chicago at this point

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Are the chargers on your waivers? Brett Hundley and the Packers had a good showing against bears D. I think Lions could put up points against them. Green Bay defense hasn’t been good at all though. I’d go bears I guess. It’s a coin toss. If chargers are on your waivers grab them.

The latest weather I’m seeing doesn’t suggest anything but cold temperatures

Some wind, but not seeing any rain/snow


Even fantasy pros has them ranked back to back.

Unfortunately no, I put a claim in for them and got sheisted by the guy with the waiver right before me.

My choices (currently playing chicago’s D)

  • Packers
  • Dolphins
  • Buccaneers

Kind of screwed here lol