Foreman stash

12 team standard. Current RBs, Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon and Coleman.

Would you drop Coleman to stash Foteman given the full RBBC mess transpiring in Atlanta? I think I know what the room will go with here I just want to check my thinking?

Or I have Callaway, Mike Williams, Baldwin, Landry, Corey Davis and Green at WR. I want to drop Callaway for KeKe but could grab Foreman instead? Still want Keke though

Not sure where Foreman would sniff playing time on your roster. Package Callaway and Coleman for something you like and free up a spot to add keke

That’s fair, I guess a matchup flex or insurance if Cook really can’t get it done this year and if Kerryon can’t get hold of his backfield…

I think I’ll see what happens with waivers and maybe see what the D Freeman owner is thinking. He left the game again I believe so could be very limited again

I’d move Coleman and Callaway to a team needing some RB/WR help and free up a spot if you want. Blue didn’t look hateful so Foreman isn’t exactly coming in to a no one performing situation. I like Keke better than Foreman since Hou will pass if I had to target 1

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Appreciate the thoughts I’ll see what can be done in the trade front.

Said this 100 times but will say it again.

Do not waste FAAB or stash on Foreman. Let others in your league waste their roster slots. Foreman tore his achilles. RBs do not come back from that injury. Definitely not dropping Coleman for him.

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I agree but surely he could at least do 20 carries for 40 yards like Blue did and then catch a few balls and turn that into a fantasy day. Blue sucks way too bad to be touching the ball nearly 30 times.

I think everyone on that team is too trash to be touching the ball 20 times. I also don’t see very many game scripts where they will have the luxury of having a single ball carrier run it 20 times and also get 5-6 targets. They were able to do so vs Dallas because Dak and that entire offense are just straight trash. Take away that one throw to Austin, Dak had 32 passing yards in the 2nd half. Kenyan Drake had more receiving yards in one play than the entire dallas offense had in passing. That is just absurd. Let that sink in for a second.

This falls in the category of lack of talent, lack of opportunity, league worst O-line, a crowded backfield and a bad team. All red flags for RBs to avoid in my eyes. And add on top of that Achilles injury? No thanks, I’ll be passing. If Foreman is the one guy to buck the trend, I’m fine with missing out on that and playing the odds.

By saying don’t buy foreman, I’m not saying buy Blue or buy miller. Its more so me saying, fade texans backfield entirely. The only way that team wins is with Watson throwing the ball.

Also Watson is a threat on the goal line in terms of rushing which limits all ball carriers. And unlike carolina, none of these guys are talented enough to overcome the lack of TD upside between the 20s.

I’m definitely stashing Foreman. RBs are so rare that you have to grab a guy who has such a clear path to the starter role. Miller and Blue are awful.

I get the injury concern, but if it doesn’t pan out just drop him in a couple weeks, it cost you very little to take the chance. If it does work out you get awesome depth OR can trade him for something way better than Coleman or Callaway (personally I would drop Callaway first in your position).

It’s not just any injury concern. If this was ACL or MCL or something, would be fine with it. But its Achilles. RB’s just don’t come back from that injury.

I guess I don’t see it as such a clear path to starter role. Miller and Blue, both suck. I agree. But honestly speaking, Foreman was objectively very average himself. With the exception of the one game where he had 2 TDs vs a horrible cardinals team, without that, we wouldn’t even be talking about him. He averaged <3.5 ypc in 5/11 games last season. And that was when he was fully healthy.

I just think it’s an incredibly messy backfield, with 3 mediocre backs and a league worst oline. On the flip side you have Callaway who’s playing 95% of the teams snaps and has one of the best schedules for passing coming up and has good chem with Baker who looks like nothing short of an absolute stud.

Give me the upside of Callaway over Foreman here every day of the week.

I don’t necessarily disagree with MikeMeUpp, I’d put Foreman’s odds of success under 50%. But there is a Callaway on waivers every single week (heck there is usually 3-4). I’ve never failed to find an available WR3 that I could plug into my roster and play that week in a standard 12 team league.

RBs with real value are much harder to find. Sure success rate may be low, but the reward is way higher than stashing low end WRs. I’d rather use two of my bench spots to rotate through high risk - high reward RBs until I find a gem than hold onto a team’s WR2/3.

Over this year I’ve had Penny, Rojo, Mack, Murray, Foreman and Michel all on my roster at various times. Only 1 has hit, but I’d take Michel over every single WR I passed over during that stretch.

We’re way off on this one. I put his odds of success at <15%. And success meaning he becomes starter, which in my eyes, still isn’t a success cause its a very capped ceiling playing on that horrible team and horrible Oline.

Although I agree there are more WR options on waivers, I disagree that there is someone with the same talent and opportunity as Callaway. Not sure people remember but Callaway has always been pegged as a 1st round talent. He fell cause the kids an idiot and got suspended cause of weed. And it’s hard to find at this stage, WRs who are playing 95% of the teams offensive snaps as the teams X receiver. Callaway + Baker has the potential to be a dynamic combo that you can plug into your line ups every week. And I’d say the chances of that happening is closer to 50-60%. I.e., I’d bet on it happening vs it not happening. And browns are just a much better team than Houston.

I’ve also had many of those except Foreman. But you can’t compare Michel to Foreman. It’s night and day. Michel plays on one of the best offenses in the league, was one of the most prolific college RBs, was taken in the 1st round, and had a minor knee injury and was pegged as the guy to lead that backfield.

Foreman was an okay college RB, plays on a horrible team, and tore his Achilles which no one has come back from that I know of. Just 2 totally different things. If Foreman was coming back from an ACL, I’d be more in agreement with you, but its not even an injury concern, I’d describe as closer to a certainty.